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19-Apr-2016 : Nepeth Castle
Extra foot traffic through the throneroom in Nepeth and a few extra guards suggest a new part of the castle has opened to the public.
28-Aug-2015 : Keepink
An entrepeneurial opossum is establishing a museum in the far east. She is looking for donations of extraordinary items. For those with a competitive streak, she has established some top lists of contributors.
09-Jul-2015 : Prompt enhancements
The player prompt has been enhanced and is now highly customizable. 'Help prompt' for details.
25-Jan-2015 : Virgision village
The influence of the goddess Virgis is growing in the southeast. A group of Virgision warriors have moved out of the castle and built a small village in the nearby forest.
30-Aug-2014 : Goal tracker
Maigyn has been having unusual visitors lately. Recently she was heard claiming she has found something to sell to people who advance unique goals in their life.
12-Jul-2014 : Snowfolk update
Industrious Frosty has been polishing up the igloo, reports Snowfolk GM Maker.
28-May-2014 : Rogue tweaks
A reasonably large set of updates has been made to the (CENSORED) class, bringing them at last to level 50 standards and fixing various bugs. The package was compiled after several discussions with players of the class, and hopefully will be rewarding for all parties. Details can be found at the announcement and (CENSORED) boards. (Editorial note: the latter obviously does not exist, as there still are no rogues on AA.)
23-Mar-2014 : Dymwood gnomes
Travellers on Infidian report taking shelter with some friendly young gnomes in Dymwood Dell: "The food was questionable and the shelter cramped, but we didn't get eaten by lindwyrms. Highly recommended."
22-Mar-2014 : Ranger canines
Rangers are now able to tame other various new animals related to wolves and dogs. The canine companions' colouring has also undergone expansion, which has led to a rush to experimentally find the finest fancy furcoat as a finishing famed feature for one's fabulously fawnable female fox. Furtastic!
19-Jan-2014 : Senate update
The administration structure has been updated and new senate members promoted, see Thaddeus's blog post or the announcement board for details. The senate now consists of Malire (Law), Bytre (Balance, Mudlib, Infrastructure, Treasurer), Buxley (World, Map), Fir (QC) and Paldin (Web, Machine). For more information, see announcement board.

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Name: Kataja
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Info: Kataja is an alteration mage of pure-breed stock. She is occasionally capable of collaborating with lesser beings.
Quote: I'm the brains of this operation.