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May Day Flaghunting!
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02-Jun-2018 : Painter opens house!
An old gentleman, long a citizen of Gemynd, has opened his house for social visitors. Tread a bit lightly around his dog, who is a bit grumpy and old, but feel free to strike up a conversation about Anguish and hear some new stories of days gone by!
01-May-2018 : May Day Flaghunting!
Maker's much-requested Flaghunt Event from the 25th AAnniversary is back for the May 1st reboot! Visit the crossroads in Tantallon and check out the glowing box.
23-Dec-2017 : Western mists fall!
The western mists have fallen! That impenetrable magical barrier protected us for many, many years from the wild westlands and its fearsome inhabitants! What is out there, and what will happen next?? Are you brave enough to venture west and investigate?
25-Nov-2017 : Player-owned shops!
Ever wanted to try your hand at commerce on Ancient Anguish? Player owned shops can now be purchased from Andy. Visit him in the Eastroad Inn to place a bid and see 'help playershops' to learn more about running a shop.
24-Nov-2017 : Fishing contests!
There will be two 2-hour blocks of fishing competitions held the 25th of November! See Announcement Board for the timeslots and more information.
25-Oct-2017 : Flaghunt event!
Maker's Magnificent AAnniversary flaghunting (with fabulous prize) is available to play at your own pace all reboot long! Visit the crossroads in Tantallon and check out the glowing box.
25-Sep-2017 : A ship of your own!
The shipyard northeast of Tantallon is taking orders from those who would like a ship of their own. Many types and sizes are available! Talk to Deidre and see 'help ships' to learn more.
25-Aug-2017 : Rare Item Auctions!
Unapproved items are being sold during four special auctions today celebrate AA's 25 years. See Announcement Board for auction times.
25-Jul-2017 : Eat & drink contest!
Competition begins immediately after reboot on July 25th and lasts until Armageddon ends the world again two days later. Maker has cooked up some excellent prizes for the winners!
25-Jul-2017 : New cleric prayers!
Clerics can now call a painful hunger or taxing thirst on themselves, becoming insatiable for a time, though overuse can have lasting effects.

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