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Name: Pandora
Gender: Female
Race: Human


Jaochi are a class of Zen-like martial artists, using no weapons or armour in combat, preferring to instead use their body and mind. A Jaochi differs greatly from the traditional classes by allowing players to create and customize their own types of attacks and defensive moves for combat.

Instead of being given a list of power to use as-is, a Jaochi can combine attacks and defensive moves into various combinations of the player's choice, giving them countless options for creativity.

The Jaochi class are masters of unarmed combat, and use martial art maneuvers for defense. Here is a small preview of a Jaochi's powers:
  • Attacks - Choose from several kinds of elbow strikes, punches, and kicks.
  • Blocks - Defend yourself using brace, catch, and sweep blocks.
  • Movements - Avoid incoming blows using dodge, jump, roll, slide, step, and twist moves.
  • Combos - Create countless combinations of attacks, blocks, and movements.
  • Focus - Enhances your offense, defensive, or regenerative powers.
  • Kiai - A loud shout that startles the opponent, improving your combat effectiveness.
  • ... Join the Jaochi class to find out more!
A Jaochi can be played by all races. However, because they rely on their own physical capabilities in combat, one should consider choosing a character with a higher strength and dexterity for maximum effectiveness.

The Jaochi class is an intermediate class and probably not a good choice for most newer players. However, the Jaochi is very versatile and can be played solo or in a party equally well.

The Jaochi class hall can be found high in the mountains on Infidian.