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Necromancer Picture

"Many call us evil just because we choose to delve into arts and practices that they find repulsive. I can't be bothered understanding their outmoded beliefs in "morality". The wisest and most intelligent come to us, seeking understanding of that which no one else can explain. We know of the cycle of death as well as life, and realise that if we have to help a few others into it along the way...well, everyone has to die sometime..."
        - The master necromancer


Necromancers are evil practitioners of black magic. They are not good at hand-to-hand combat, but are able to perform dark rituals causing their enemies to suffer and perish in terrible ways. They have the ability to animate the dead, creating undead servants to do their bidding.

The Necromancer profession makes its home in Dalair, where good people fear to tread due to it's proximity to both the Orc Temple and the Courts of Chaos. Then again, why a good person would seek out the necromancers is a good question, so it's probably the best place for them. The necromancers are believed to have strong links with both of these sinister groups.

Necromatic Rituals

Necromancers have access to a large number of mystic rituals which draw on the power of death. Among them are thought to be:
  • Detect Good - Detects good and nice aligned creatures in sight.
  • Nettle - Inflict biting vermin on a victim.
  • Hold Undead - Cause undead to cease an attack.
  • Darkness
  • Will o' Wisp - summon a spirit to provide light.
  • Empower - Converts the very life force of the necromancer into magical energy!
  • Summon - Bring a bound undead servant directly to the necromancer.
  • Preserve - Repairs the animated form of an undead servant.
  • Feign Death - Confuseses enemies... allowing the caster to appear to die.
  • Lifedrain - Drains the very life essense of an opponent.
  • Chill Touch - Inflict freezing cold on an enemy.
  • Lifesteal - Steals the life force of an opponent, healing the necromancer!
  • Rot - Withers the flesh of the living!
  • Skeleton - Animates the body of a fallen opponent (or comrade!) as an unliving warrior!
  • Renewal - Restores the bond between a spirit and it's undead form.
Powerful necromancers are rumoured to have the ability to create more exotic forms of undead, each stronger than the last, and to inflict horrifying injuries on their opponents. Many of these evil sorcerers carry exotic material components which are required to perform the ritual, available only from the apothacary of the Necromancy class hall.

Other Information

Although the mentally gifted are more suited to the magical arts of necromancy, a wise member of the profession will not reglect his or her combat skills, being always ready to back up their magical abilities and undead servants with the strength of steel. Being generally weak in combat, good agility and general health are important to avoid and resist the blows of opponents.