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Shapeshifters are an arcane animist discipline originating from the land of Infidian. A Shapeshifter can learn various forms, each with individual powers, to explore and experience the wilderness of the world. Shapeshifters are believed to have arose from several tribes whose worship of their totemic spirits granted them powers to change into the form of the totems. These different tribes joined together loosely, calling themselves the Enclave.

The shapeshifter class is broken up into different clans which represent particular areas of nature. There are four clans - Earth, Feline, Forest, and Reptile. In each clan you have three forms related to what each clan represents. You must choose a primary clan, which will raise grow at the fastest rate. You may also join the other clans as second, third, and fourth choices, but those clans will grow at a rate progressively slower than the previous one.

The Shapeshifter class prefers using their unarmed attacks, while using the natural armour of their chosen form, and using their dodging capabilities for defense. Here is a small preview of a Shapeshifter's powers:
  • Earth Clan - Forms include rock, fluon, and mimeon. These are igneous and aqueous types.
  • Feline Clan - Forms include cat, panther, and xaerre. These are animalistic types.
  • Forest Clan - Forms include flower, tree, and treant. These are plant types.
  • Reptile Clan - Forms include chameleon, nelitos, and drakon. These are lizard types.
  • ... Join the Shapeshifter class to find out more!
A Shapeshifter can be played by all races. However, a Shapeshifter needs physical prowess for melee combat, and mental prowess for some of their powers, one should consider choosing a character with a fair amount of strength and dexterity, but also some intelligence and wisdom for maximum effectiveness.

Playing solo as a Shapeshifter is enjoyable, but various clans and forms easily fit into any party.

The Shapeshifter class hall is located beyond the river, south of Tantallon.