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What is a Shapeshifter?

     Shapeshifters are an arcane animist discipline originating from the land of Infidian. Various forms are assumed complete with powers, to explore and experience the wilderness of the world.  They are believed to have arose from an animist tribe whose worship of their totemic spirits granted them powers to change into the form of the totem.  These different tribes joined together loosely, calling themselves the Enclave. The Enclave recently set up an outpost south of the Scythe Camp, adjacent to the mouth of the Shantih river. At the outpost you can learn the skills necessary to becoming a successful Shapeshifter then all you need to do is spend time practicing and adventuring.

     The shapeshifter class is broken up into different clans you join, which represent particular areas of nature.  There are three clans, Forest, Feline, and Reptile.  In each clan you have 3 forms related to what the clan stands for.  There are also 3 basic forms everyone learns: rock form, opossum form, and frog form, each with their own related abilities.  You can learn all forms, but you must pick your primary clan, which will raise the fastest, but after that, secondary and tertiary clans will raise slower.

What forms can I be?


Feline Clan:  This is a strong clan of proud feline warriors, focusing on brute force and the only clan that can at the highest levels, wield weapons.  The three feline forms are:
  • Cat- the domesticated variety
  • Panther- A strong, multiple attack form
  • Xaerre-  The highest level of feline, a human torso on a lion body.  It primarily  uses weapons, but can rear up and do tremendous damage with its sharp front claws, as well as attack with its clawed hands.  




Forest Clan:  This clan is mostly oriented towards regeneration until you reach the highest levels, where they are ferocious warriors with thick armoured trunks.  They are all too big to fit indoors.  The three forest forms are:
  • Flower- as long as it is sunny out, this form provides free regeneration, however, you are rooted in place.
  • Tree-  regenerates when it rains and has limited combat and movement ability.
  • Treant- the highest level of forest, which can move about freely and even entangle its foes with roots.  Has a very tough trunk, but is also highly susceptible to fire.
Reptile Clan:   This clan is rivals with the feline clan in overall power.  While Felines deal out alot of damage, Reptiles can take more abuse with their thick scales and at higher levels, become more and more dragon-like.  The three forms are chameleon, nelitos dragon, and drakon.
  • Chameleon- similar in combat to cat form, but can use the blend ability to try and hide by blending into the surroundings.
  • Nelitos Dragon-  A powerful form, similar to panther, but with thicker scales and a ferocious bite.  Similar to a komodo dragon.
  • Drakon-  The most powerful reptile form, more dragon-like than anything.  They fight with their powerful claws, tough natural armour, and their tail.  Rumours have it when they are powerful enough, they can even perform a powerful breath attack!


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