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Donator's Lounge opens.

Glod opens lockers.

Esjay settles in the north.

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(Castro): Tagteam.

(Luthien): Update to Quest Rules

(Luthien): New Arch of World and Map

(): Day one, a club and a goblin
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Name: Desiree
Gender: Female
Race: Elf

Donators and Creators

Many people have contributed to the growth and maintenance of Ancient Anguish over the years. The following sections contain information on all of the players that have put in the effort and/or money to keep the game and website running:
  • Wizards - These players are responsible for coding everything you see within the game environment and maintaining the health of that code today.

  • Contributors - The following people have all assisted in the construction, design, and maintenance of the website, including the images and content.

  • Paypal - If you would like to help support the game please consider donating. Even a small donation can make a huge difference.

  • Donators - Here you can view our current donation drive progress, the players that have donated, and previous donation years.

Donating to Ancient Anguish is optional. All donations go to the upkeep of the game, including the monthly bandwidth costs and hardware upgrades. Nobody is paid for their work on Ancient Anguish, everything is voluntary. Although donating won't provide you with in-game advantages over other players, it does come with some perks that offer cosmetic and convenience options. Some of the benefits are below:
  • Intermud - Provides chat capability with users from other MUD games.
  • Login - Change your default login location.
  • Capname - Change the capitalization of any letter in your name.
  • Describe - Set a description of yourself, including smell, sound, touch, and taste.
  • Alt Soul - Allows for the creation of custom emotes.
  • E-Mail - Receive a personalized address.