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Ancient Anguish relies on new players to join the realm to keep the community vibrant and evolving. Referrals from our current players who have a passion for Ancient Anguish are invaluable in keeping a vital user base.
Players are encouraged to:

  • Tell friends, fellow students, other gamers about Ancient Anguish
  • Mention Ancient Anguish on your website, Facebook pages, etc.
  • Post ads for Ancient Anguish on other online communities you frequent
  • Add an Ancient Anguish reference to your signature box on online forums
  • Print up business cards for Ancient Anguish - or your character.
    Vista Print provides free cards which can be used for this purpose.
  • Make some fliers and post them around your work, school, etc.
  • Post reviews of Ancient Anguish on mud sites, gaming sites, etc.
  • Write entries about Ancient Anguish in gaming site / web site databases.
  • ... be creative!