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The Realm of the Black Bear

yellow claw

The Realm of the Black Bear

The Realm of the Black Bear dominates all the woodland and forest areas on the continent. This is their home and playground, and to desecrate it is to summon the wrath of The Black Bear. Therefore, the members of The Black Bear must hold a certain spirituality about the land and the wilderness. The amount of spirituality found is up to the member to decide. The member can choose to live with the savage mentality of kill or be killed, by dominating the land, or learn to coexist peacefully with the wildlife by taking only what is needed to survive.

The symbol of The Black Bear, the bear claw, is closely connected with nature. It represents a bond with the bear and the environment in which it roams and rules. While it is a symbol of authority, strength, power and aggressiveness, it is also a symbol of wisdom, respect, order and tranquillity.

The Black Bear is open to Rangers, Clerics, Mages, Fighters and Adventurers.

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The Realm of the Black Bear was formed by a nomadic band of Rangers and Clerics. They advocated the union of wilderness survival and worship. During the period of 435-439 HE, they roamed the wilderness, sometimes staking out for themselves and occupying unclaimed territories. In the year 439 HE, they established the permanent home of The Realm of the Black Bear in the western mountains of the northern plains.

Since the guild's creation, other classes such as Mages, Fighters and Adventurers were allowed to join.

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The members of the Black Bear believe everything on the land, in the water, and in the sky has a guardian spirit guiding them. In order to worship, they must find their own guardian spirit by participating in a vision session.

Some members are known to go for days without food, become delirious, or take drugs in order to find their guardian spirit. Such occurances are rare, and if a guardian spirit shows itself, that member is truly blessed.

dark claw

Enough Already! Where's the Guild?

One can seek out the Black Bear among the western mountains of Ancient Anguish between the settlement of Greenhaven and the dwarven village of Thranarack and east of the abandoned kingdom of Zhamarr. Look for a mountain cave entrance leading south along the mountains.

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Sign Me Up! How Do I Join?

To gain membership, you must visit the guild and ask Ewani, the shaman, for permission to join. Ewani will give you a special hunting knife. You will then need to hunt down a grizzly or brown bear, kill it, skin it with the hunting knife, and return the bearskin to Ewani.

Another way to join the Black Bear is to find a Black Bear member and ask them to sponsor you. It is highly recommended that you find a Black Bear sponsor first. Joining through sponsorship involves gaining additional privileges that you will discover soon enough within the guild.

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What Cool Stuff Does the Black Bear Have?

Heh... Wouldn't you like to know!