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Name: Flake
Gender: Female
Race: Orc

Gaming Slate

Not everything in the world of Ancient Anguish revolves around adventuring. Sometimes the citizens of AA like to enjoy a friendly game with their peers, and if there's a little cash on the line, so much the better.

A game slate can be purchased from Maigyn in Tantallon. It will give you access to the game line, a place where you can coordinate flag hunts. Flag hunts are events where a member will plant a flag somewhere in an outdoor region of Ancient Anguish. The goal of the participants is to be the first to find the flag.

When the flag is being placed, the planter determines what the reward will be. Everyone who then joins the game will have to pay a 10% entry fee based on the reward. If the flag is not found, all of the entry fees will go to the person who planted the flag. If it is found, the person who discovered it gets the reward while everyone else just gets their entry fee back.

When a new flag hunt game is announced, all you need to do is join the game and your gaming slate will come to life. When you examine the slate, it will give you your approximate distance from the flag. All you have to do is start closing the distance while constantly referring to your slate to make sure you're on track. Upon reaching the area a flag is planted, the gaming slate will stop providing specific directions and the players will have to manually find the flag.

Maigyn's Shop is located in Tantallon.