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Archived News

23-January-05 : Website Update
We have a whole new look! Also, you'll find that several new tools have been added to the site.
10-January-05 : Body Shop Update
Dear Adventurers,
Pay a visit to the Bodyshop at Tantallon harbour! The management has listened to their public, and have increased the number of adjectives with which you can describe yourself.
25-December-04 : Song Spoof Contest Winner Chosen!
Congratulations to Serin, the winner of the Song Spoof Contest! His entry, "A Scyther's Life for Me", won by a country mile. Visit here to view all of the entries.
11-December-04 : Elven Preserve
Norich informs me he has heard stories of adventurers stumbling onto a small, previously hidden area in the southern forests just south-east of Duender. He thinks it to be some form of preserve, run by a friendly bunch of elves. He has heard though, that it is accessible only to those small in stature, or those with the experience to overcome the problem in finding the entrance. Feel free to wander down there and discover the secrets within.
-Slinks xx
5-September-04 : Town Meeting
There is a town meeting scheduled on Sept. 18th, 2004, 8 P.M. EST (New York time).
29-August-04 : Contests Page
Added a page for past and future contests. Contests.
26-August-04 : Things To Do
Added a list of Things To Do.
4-February-04 : Content Updates
I've taken over the job of Webmistressing with Jerusulum and Levek. We've got some content-updating to do now, so let me know of any outdated things you run into! We'll take a bit of time to figure out how the boards work before we can add them though, patience...
29-January-03 : Website Redesign Contest
Think I suck at webpage design? I do! Show us that you can do better. Enter the website redesign contest.
29-January-03 : Story Competition Results!
Old news, but posting it here. The results of the story competition with a $1000 prize are in!
14-February-02 : AA's 10 Year Anniversary
This month we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ancient Anguish. Please tell old friends who may not be active anymore to stop by, and if you enjoy writing, there is a very exciting creative writing contest going on.
24-June-02 : Piper's Retirement
Yeah, yeah, I'm way overdue for an update. However, most things just aren't going to get done by me at this point. I've retired from the mud. As a parting gift to the web site, I've finally fixed most of the boards on the boards page to link to the current board. The exceptions are ones that were added after I wrote the code that did that stuff. Goodbye.
5-November-00 : Updates
The class and guild pages have been updated with the October boards.
10-October-00 : Updates
The finger script has been updated to no longer give the "Nature's Mistake" on a wizard's status. While amusing, it was a bug. It's also been updated to no longer yield the puke green background.
8-October-00 : Updates
Ok, yeah, it's been a long time since the last update I made to the web site. Sorry about that, my summer got pretty hectic, and I'm just starting to getting around to reassembling things. The class and guild archive boards are now updated with the most current archives available, and I'll be trying to do some more changes soon.
2-May-00 : Donator Page
We now have a page on the web site with the information on how to donate to AA. In addition, you can now donate with a credit card! Credit card donations are handled through PayPal, and if you're not currently a member, joining is a great way to earn $5 for you, and $5 for AA! (details on how to use us as a referrer are on the donation page.
1-May-00 : Online and Upgraded
Due to some miscommunications between us and Inreach, and to their restructuring of their colocation facilities we ended up being off the net for about a week. While this was an inconvenience for everyone, it did also give us a chance to do some planned upgrades to our server, and we're now on a much faster machine. Details of the upgrade can be found on Arpeggio's status page for now. Many thanks to the efforts that Arp went through to get us back alive, and many thanks to the support of our donators who enabled us to do this upgrade in the first place!
9-April-00 : Updates
Added the February and March archives to the class and guild pages.
5-November-00 : Updates
The class and guild pages have been updated with the October boards.
9-April-00 : Updates
Added the February and March archives to the class and guild pages.
22-February-00 : Arch of Map and World
Buxley has stepped down from the position of Arch of Map and World due to time constraints. Scarecrazy has replaced him.
6-February-00 : Updated Design
Ok, I've been playing around with some of these things to highlight links that your mouse is over, and I'm curious what people think of the current incarnation (ripped right from the w3 organizations html references). Drop me a note to say what you think of it. If you don't like it, let me know that, and if there are other methods you prefer, or whether you just can't stand any method. Depending on the answers I get, the site may go with one scheme or another.
6-February-00 : Updates
The class and guild archives for January have been linked in.
29-January-00 : Boards Now Viewable
The ability to view the current postings on the boards is now available. I'm still working on getting pages for all of them created, but you can find a complete listing in the boards section of the website.
16-January-00 : Mortal Council Section
After months of sitting on it, we now have a section dedicated to the Mortal Council. Most of the information here was assembled by Dracul, and he's also supplied some other info I'll be adding to this section, so look for future updates to that area.
2-January-00 : Updates
Ok, for once I did this in a timely manner, the archives for December are now linked.
24-December-99 : Updates
After a long delay, the October and November guild and class archives are now linked.
18-October-99 : Updates
Ok, obviously it's been a while since I've updated things, but I'm hoping to do some more updates here in the very near future. Things in store are updating the version on the java telnet client, a section on the mortal council stuff (put together mostly by a former council member, Dracul), and some stuff in the wizards area. Hopefully I'll also make some progress on eliminating some more of those pages with ugly green backgrounds.
18-October-99 : Updates
Added the August and September class and guild archives (finally).
5-August-99 : Updates
Added the July archives to the class and guild pages.
11-July-99 : Updates
Added the June archives to the class and guild pages.
13-June-99 : Updates
Added the May archives to the class and guild pages.
23-May-99 : Updates
Ok, as some of you have probably figured out, I added the last couple of months of archives a couple weeks ago. I've also made some changes to the graphs that show up on class and guild pages so they update more correctly. Jerusulum was apparently overlooked for a long time on the administration page, she's been the Arch of Education now for a while. I'm a ways behind on the email, so just be patient, I'll catch up on them one of these years.
1-March-99 : Updates
The class and guild pages have been updated with links to February's archives.
9-February-99 : Arch of Law
Arpeggio has stepped down as Law arch, and has been replaced by Malire.
3-February-99 : Updates
The class and guild pages have been updated with links to January's archives.
3-February-99 : Updates
Ok, as many of you have pointed out, the year is no longer 1998..
2-February-99 : AA's 7th Anniversary
Today marks the 7th anniversary of Ancient Anguish!
16-January-99 : Administration Changes
We've had a couple of changes of administration lately, and I'm only now catching up. Paldin has returned to his primary duty of Balance, with Arpeggio replacing his duties as Law Arch. Real life pressures have kept Sully away from the game, and she's now been replaced by Buxley.
16-January-99 : Recent Downtime
As many of you noticed, we were down for a couple days. Apparently the problem was that the ethernet cable had gotten disconnected, and our ethernet card decided it didn't want to talk when it got reconnected.
11-January-99 : Board Search Page
Thanks to the work of Blackvelvet, there have been some significant advancements on the Board Search Page. You can now search for posts based on such things as author, date, level of poster, and words in the title. Many thanks to Blackvelvet for the work she did here to implement one of our most requested features!
10-January-99 : Updates
Ok, the November and December archives are finally on their respective pages.
10-November-98 : Updates
I finally added Fir's page, he's certainly been badgering me about it enough (probably because it took so long for me to do it).
5-November-98 : Updates
Ok, I finally got the September and October archives added to the guild and class pages. Some of you might also be wondering why you haven't heard from me about player page submissions. Well, I managed to wipe out my mail spool recently, and so no longer have the notes from people asking me to add them. So, if you haven't heard from me, and your page hasn't shown up, drop me another note, and I'll get right on them.
2-September-98 : Updates
The August archives have been added to the class and guild boards. The Adventurer board archives have also been added to that page, so they are now browseable.
2-September-98 : Arpeggio's Status Page
Arpeggio has a page that will have information about AA's status if we go down for whatever reason. I urge you to bookmark his page in case of future outages. I've also been considering setting up a mailing list for this purpose, although interest in that has been minimal. If you'd like to see that option, please drop me a note, unless I get enough interest I won't do it.
23-August-98 : Recent Downtime
As many of you noticed over the past few days we experianced some problems that caused the machine to be down. The machine tried to reboot for some reason, and ended up in a condition that required some user intervention. Arpeggio drove to the site and remedied this problem, and also performed some hardware upgrades we had been planning.
2-August-98 : World Theme
The World Theme has been updated. Thanks to Kosh for refreshing this.
2-August-98 : Updates
Added the July 1998 guild and class board archives to their respective pages.
13-July-98 : Updates
Added the June 1998 guild and class board archives to their respective pages. Also did some work on updating some of these pages so they don't have the green background. Some of the pages that they link to still do, and they still need some work, but I'm hoping to get to that soon. (I've also got several requests for additions to the player pages, I'm a bit behind on reviewing these to be added.)
7-June-98 : Updates
Added the Player Pages collection.
2-June-98 : Updates
Added the May 1998 guild and class board archives to their respective pages.
30-May-98 : Wizard Tools
We now have a section of the web site with resources for our wizards. Among other things, it offers searchable wizard boards. I encourage our wizards to check it out. To get access you'll have to log in with your wizard name and password.
27-Mar-98 : New Webmaster
Ledecius has resigned for the time being as administrator of the web pages. We'd like to thank him for the work he's done since we first set up web pages for Ancient Anguish. Piper is taking over administrationg of these pages, if you have comments or suggestions, you are encouraged to mail him.
27-Mar-98 : News Page Added
This page will be used to inform people of what's new with the web site or the mud. If the date on the News link on the main page has changed since your last visit, I encourage you to check here to see what's new.

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