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Dion says: It would be great if you found more adventurous souls to join our
Society, Serin.

The lodge of the Geographic Society dominates the humble little town of Hobbitat, drawing explorers far and wide. The Geographic Society (or Geo as it is more commonly called) gives players a chance to show their knowledge of the far reaches of Anguish. The most proficient explorers will gain access to special armour, containers, and, perhaps most importantly, prestige for their guild. Dion, the head Geographer, will issue anyone their own charter who wants to "join."

Dion exclaims: The Black Bear guild currently controls the most territory!

Once you've gotten your charter, you may be asking, "Err. Now what?" An excellent question! The purpose of Geo is to enter "uncivilized" areas (this translates as just about anything inside an area, like the newbie park or the haunted ship) and "gclaim" them. If you're the first person to claim the area, you'll earn both a claim and a discovery when you build a cairn of stones. If someone has previously discovered the area, you'll simply carve your own name onto the existing cairn, earning a claim.

You'll also notice that each cairn will have a guild symbol on it, such as a Black Bear banner. This indicates which guild currently "controls" the room. For instance, if two Bears and one Scyther have claimed a room, the room will belong to the Bears. The guild that controls the most territory will have access to the best non-unique container in the game: rugged knapsacks.

Dion gestures at the charts on the wall.
Dion says: Just watch these charts to see who has qualified.

"But what's in it for me?" you ask. What, guild unity isn't enough for you? Knapsacks for all your friends and closest buddies? Well, luckily Dion has you in mind as well. The top claimant can buy the incredibly useful Armour of Gaius, a unique platemail that is rumored to have amazing battle properties. But what good is a set of armour without a matching helmet? Become the top discoverer and you can also purchase the Helm of Hanza, the perfect headgear for the explorer on the go. But keep in mind, should you lose your place as the top claimant/discoverer, the new leader can snatch the set right off of you.

By Serin (last updated 23/12/05).

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