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Name: Sallow
Gender: Male
Race: Orc


Rangers are intrepid scouts trained in wilderness survival. They have many abilities useful in the outdoors, but are somewhat limited in indoor areas. Rangers have their own fighting style based on observation and precision strikes. The Ranger feels at home deep within the sheltering woods.

A Ranger is by nature a loner, preferring the solitude of the forests. However, a Ranger's woodland skills are unmatched, and their ability to find food and shelter can, at times, make the difference between life and death.

The Ranger class prefers using marksmanship, knife, and axe-like weapons, while hiding behind their animal companion for defense. Here is a small preview of a Ranger's powers:
  • Pluck - Pull feathers from a dead bird.
  • Skin - Create pelts from a dead animal.
  • Gut - Retrieve sinew from a dead animal.
  • Carve - Create hunks of meat from a dead animal.
  • Cut - Chop wood from the forest.
  • Forage - Search the forest for usable materials.
  • Braid - Craft various items using sinew.
  • Make - Crafts various items using pelts, sinew, and feathers.
  • Whittle - Create various items from cut firewood.
  • Strike - Perform an extra attack in combat.
  • Tame - Convert a wild canine into a friendly companion.
  • ... Join the Ranger class to find out more!
A Ranger can be played by all races. However, a Ranger needs physical prowess for melee combat, and mental prowess for taming canines, one should consider choosing a character with a fair amount of strength, dexterity, and wisdom for maximum effectiveness.

Playing solo as a Ranger is very easy, yet they can also be a valuable asset to any party if needed.

The Ranger class hall can be found in the forests between Hobbitat and Norton.