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Fighter Picture

The Fighters Class


The Fighter Class makes its home in Tantallon, on the east edge of town, just off the Glory Walk. Fighters are the dedicated hack-and-slashers of AA. Their ability in hand-to-hand combat, with or without weapons, is unparalleled. They also have the ability to evaluate the worth and effectiveness of a piece of armour, a shield, or a weapon, due to their long familiarity with them.

Special Skills

The Fighters class has the following special abilities:
  • They have the ability to 'evaluate' a weapon, armour, or shield, and determine how much good it will be to them in combat.
  • They also have a wide variety of defenses open to them. They may dodge, which allows them to escape some blows using their natural dexterity. They may block blows with a shield. If they have a suitable weapon, they may parry attacks and turn them back upon their opponent. But the fighter's most formidable defense, and the one unique to them, is their ability to go into a berserking rage. In this state, the fighter will attack anything it sees, and will do so for far more damage than usual, although they also lose the ability to protect themselves as effectively as usual. The best way to find out about the fighters, though, is to log onto AA and talk to one!

Spell Lists

The Fighter class has no spells in its arsenal. Instead, they rely on their own sheer strength and fighting prowess to win their battles.

Other Information

Fighters naturally rely most on their strength, dexterity, and constitution to carry them through battle. Because of this, they will be higher in these attributes than other classes. Orcs and Dwarves make good fighters because of their sheer brute strength, while humans make good, balanced fighters. Even an elf or half-elf, however, can be an effective fighter, due to their graceful dexterity.