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Are you kidding?

There's a rampant rumour that the Tourism Council of Ancient Anguish is trying to deny: Rogues exist in Ancient Anguish. There's been a report in the Canticle that the rate of crime is on the rise. Constable Picckard from Neville and Dibbs, the law clerk from Tantallon, cannot deny that they exist.

Rogues must certainly exist due to increased activity in the backroom in the Taverna in Dalair. An orcish law clerk has been naming people who are bountied for attempted theft. 'Tis a sorry day when someone must resort to pilfering the more noble adventurers.

So why does one become a Rogue? Is it out of need, or is it out of sport? Stealing just for the thrill of stealing? How far can one push the envelope and not get caught? Or does someone steal from others in an attempt to make a living? Do they steal from the need to eat a meal, or buy a room for the night? Either way, stealing is a punishable offense, and the sentence, IF caught, is death!

Constable Picckard has taken it upon himself to rid the world of crime. If he could somehow pinpoint the location of the Rogues' Den, that would surely deal a blow to the criminal profession. But, alas, he has come up dry in his search for the Den. He has been able to confirm through his network of sources that a den of some sort does lie within the village of Tantallon. Tantallon is a thriving village, and only knowing this makes it a thankless job. 'Tis like finding a needle in a haystack you might say.

Special Skills

Some choice rumours about the Rogues' Class:
  • Constable Picckard has noticed a rumoured Rogue sneaking in the shadows. This does not make him guilty, but very hard to track.
  • Constable Picckard has heard people in the Eastroad Inn muttering in some strange dialect. He can't place the tongue in which they speak.
  • In addition to the strange dialect, Picckard has also seen some strange hand movements almost looking as if it were some sign to help Rogues identify their fellow professionals.
  • Victims of these thefts have suddenly found "calling cards" in their inventories to let them know they been relieved of some of their choice posessions.
  • The Master of the Clerics has noticed, in performing his resurrections in the Clerics Common Church, that there has been increasing wounds in the back. These Rogues have taken to stabbing one in the back. A less than honourable way to deal with a foe.

Spell Lists

The Rogues class has been found to not have any magical abilities at this time.

Other Information

  • It has been noticed that a known Rogue has exhibited some of the same abilities as a Fighter, using a fighters' parrying ability.
  • Because Rogues handle so many different posessions and sell them quickly before they are found missing, they have become quite adept at determining the value of a particular piece of equipment.
It would seem that the professional Rogue must require a high intelligence to value posessions and also posess a high dexterity to allow them to pick up new posessions from unsuspecting travellers and adventurers. Be wary then of elves, half-elves and humans who posess these abilities above others. This does not mean anyone can't join the ranks of the profession, however the dangerous ones are the ones highest in these attributes.

So do you want to live on the wrong side of the law? First you'll have to find the den. The village of Tantallon is quiet. They'll never admit to Rogues perpetrating their village. You are on your own.