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For all those new to Ancient Anguish or mudding in general, there is a line especially for you. When you enter the world of Ancient Anguish, you will be prompted to give some information:

Which of the following statements would describe you the best?

1. I am new to playing MUDs.
2. I have played other MUDs before.
3. I have played Ancient Anguish before.
4. I am new to Ancient Anguish, but do not want new player assistance.

If you choose the first or second option, you will be given a small oak carving, which grants you access to the newbie line. You might even decide to "look at carving" to see what more you can discern about it:

The dark brown carving is made of oak and fits perfectly in your palm. In the center of the square-shaped carving you see a miniature drawing of the Tantallon Inn. At the bottom left corner, in tiny script, you can read: 'Courtesy of The Ancient Anguish Tourism Council.' ('nhelp' for help on the Newbie line)

The line commands are similar to many of the other lines on Ancient Anguish. You talk on it by typing "new" followed by whatever you want to say. For instance, when you log on for the first time, a simple "new Hello" would be a good start.

Now that you know how to use the newbie line...well, what are you supposed to do with it? Simple: If you have any questions, this is the first place to ask them. Most will be more than happy to help you. The only thing you need to do is to remember basic etiquette: don't spam the line over and over (with the same question, not if you have multiple ones), don't use profanity, don't type in ALL CAPS, stuff like that. Common courtesy will get you far in the world of Ancient Anguish.

But what if you have a problem? If you think someone is harrassing you or generally being a pest on the line, don't be shy to use "nstaff" to see if there are any newbie line admins present. You can send them a private tell and request their assistance with the problem. If no admins are present, try "who" and check for any high-ranking wizards (immortals). Ancient Anguish is very newbie friendly, and acting disrespectful to our new citizens is highly frowned upon.

Remember, don't be shy to ask for help! Ancient Anguish is a wide, WIDE world, and everyone gets confused sometimes. Besides, much better to voice a question on the line than to be shaking hands with Lars!

By Serin (last updated 23/12/05).

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Gamefaq Guide to Ancient Anguish, by Serin.
Ancient Anguish for Dummies, by Sirpsycho.

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