Ancient Anguish is a completely free, medieval fantasy game that was founded in 1992, and has been in constant development ever since. The world has two major continents, one of them is 8,000 map rooms, and the other is 4,800 map rooms. Between the continents there are about 200 areas (places you can enter) that vary in size, adding thousands of additional rooms to the total.

All aspects of Ancient Anguish are rich in detail. The classes are distinct from one another, and have extensive play styles and potential. There are a multitude of aspects to the game, including an intuitive progression system, exploration, questing, crafting, home ownership, shop ownership, thousands of weapons and armors, and much more!

At its core, Ancient Anguish is quite similar to the adventure and action role playing games of today. The major difference is that Ancient Anguish is text-based. However, that does not mean that a modern game or one with graphics is better, instead, you'll find that over 25 years of development has given Ancient Anguish a level of quality and polish that many games today are severely lacking.

Although you'll be enticed into slaying hordes of evil with all of the awesome powers you'll be able to use between the various classes, if you manage to pull yourself away from the slaughter long enough you'll be surprised to discover there are many other interesting things to experience.

Take a boat to any of the rivers, lakes, or ocean and explore, or go fishing for a relaxing afternoon, play poker with friends, challenge buddies to a flag hunt, prospect the rivers for gold nuggets, or do one of the other countless side activities available.

Ancient Anguish is player-owned, and maintained by players. There is a Senate that convenes to make important decisions, a law team, a balance team, and other important divisions. Any player can choose to become a Wizard (immortal player) and will gain the ability and access to be able to code new projects for the game. These can be entirely new areas, weapons, armors, classes, or other creation of your choosing. If you don't know how to code, Ancient Anguish has a friendly Wizard educational and mentoring program that is completely free, and will teach you how to be a successful coder.

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