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What is a Cleric?

Well now you've thought about becoming a cleric, but what does that get you? Well, a Cleric can be one of the best members in a fighting party. They can also be very useful when a worthy adventurer gets poisoned or cursed. The Cleric prays to their god, relying on their wisdom to gain knowledge from the Gods. The nicer a Cleric is to those around him, the more favourable the Gods will be towards the Cleric.

Clerics spells aren't always the most powerful, but they have their place in the mortal realm. The Clerics class has one special ability that no other class can boast. Clerics have the ability to heal oneself and also another person. No other class can claim that ability. Clerics can absorb a lot of damage in hand-to-hand combat and heal themselves with no other means, except for the power of the Gods.

Prayer List

The Clerics class has the following spells at its disposal:
  • Light - A simple prayer providing light in a dark room.
  • Cure - A low level healing prayer, provides minor healing.
  • Wound - A small prayer to harm a foe.
  • Detect - A prayer to detect curses in armour or weapons.
  • State - A prayer which will give some general information about a player or foe.
  • Slow - A prayer which will slow down the effects of poison.
  • Uncurse - A prayer which will remove a curse from a weapon or piece of armour.
  • Cold, Fire - Two different prayers that offer additional protection from these two elements. They can both be cast on anyone in the room or party.
  • Turn - This prayer will turn undeads from you. It is more effective for more experienced clerics.
  • Dispel - A prayer that will dispel magic and increase your resistance to magical spells.
  • Hammer - This is a moderately powerful prayer that will inflict pain and damage to an opponent.
  • Curse - This prayer will curse an item, which then can only be removed with the uncurse prayer.
  • Bless - This prayer will bless an item, making it more powerful for the duration of the prayer.
  • Neutralize - This prayer will completely cure the spread of poison within the person prayed upon.
The Clerics Prayer list does not end here, but only a true high level cleric will be able to see the end of that list. You'll have to join the ranks of the Clerics to experience the full power of a cleric.

Other Information

The Clerics can be played by all races. However, because the spells are more defensive in nature, one should consider choosing a character with a higher wisdom and higher constitution to maximize wisdom and constitution.

Prayers that are unavailable to other classes include the poison cures and uncursing ability. These abilities make the cleric a valuable addition to any party for experience. Playing solo as a cleric is enjoyable, but the most valuable asset to any party would be the Cleric to heal and remove poisons from their fellow adventurers.

The choice is yours...the Gods are looking upon you. The Clerics Common Church can be found in the village of Tantallon, near the village paper boy.