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A basic definition of a Paladin is a "holy warrior." Paladins are champions, heroes, paragons of all that is good and right in Ancient Anguish. The men and women who enter Paladinhood commit themselves to lives of seeking, upholding, and promoting truth, charity, and justice.

Paladins worship the Goddess of Good, Antana, and the God of Good, who has occasionally been called Paladine but whose real name is unknown to mortals. Depictions of these two can be seen on a mural in the Paladin's chapel. Paladins are never unaware of the attributes these deities possess: righteousness, benevolence, and strength in defending good and punishing evil. The gods of the Paladins encourage their followers to take an active role in bettering the world in which they live.

Race/Guild Restrictions

Players of any race (human, elf, half-elf, dwarf, or orc) are welcome to become Paladins.

Because of obvious differences in ethics and principles, Paladins shun the Courts of Chaos and the Scythe Clan, and are at present forbidden from joining the Realm of the Black Bear. However, Paladins are welcome to join the Knights of Drin, the Monks of Antana, or the Society of Eldar, depending upon the paladin's race. They may also, of course, remain guildless. (In fact, Orc Paladins are such a rarity that there are currently NO guilds which they may join because of that peculiar combination of race and class.)

Special Skills

The Gods of the Paladins have decided in wisdom to bestow certain gifts upon the Paladin. Due to the righteous nature of their souls, Paladins have certain innate abilities such as increased resistance to poison. Additionally, Paladins have the ability to use certain divine powers to assist themselves or others in times of need. The ability to use these powers is dependent upon the Paladin's alignment; the more saintly a Paladin is, the more effective the powers will be. If a Paladin's alignment descends to neutral or worse, s/he will not be able to use them at all. These powers are:
  • Detect (detects evil creatures in the room)
  • Turtle (gives expert shield blocking ability)
  • Call (calls the Paladin's warhorse to him/her)
  • Cure (heals another person)
  • Aura (magical armour and light for the Paladin)
  • Harm (magical attack upon undead creatures)
  • Smite (magical attack upon undead and evil creatures)
  • Retribution (magical aura that punishes undead creatures who attack the Paladin)
  • Sense (sense evil beings over great distances)

Spell Lists

The Paladins class has no "spells" per se. Their special skills and powers, granted by Divine blessing, are all they need.

Other Information

The Paladinian order is based upon a devotion to service and charity. Thus, in order to advance in level, the Paladin must first perform a certain number of good deeds in assistance to the poor, needy, and weak. These include delivering soup to the hungry, fetching certain items to assist Samantha (a Paladinian altruist), and donating equipment to low-level players. This equipment can be found in a room in the main town of Tantallon, accessible only to "newbies", located within Willim's Smithy near the Inn.

If you feel you wish to embark on this challenging and rewarding life of holy warriorhood, go to the Paladin Hall, located somewhat north and east of Tantallon. It is rumoured to be located in the forest very near the village of Neville.