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Name: Kasmune
Gender: Female
Race: Gnome

World Theme

Ancient Anguish is a troubled land with a history of brutal war and uneasy peace. The elves, dwarves and other indigenous races in the realm lived for long periods of time in relative peace, enforced mainly by separation of species and non-competition for plentiful resources. The arrival of humans from the far east over a thousand years ago shattered the fragile peace. The humans and elves fought bitter wars for control of the land, nearly destroying both races. At the conclusion of the wars, some elves agreed to move south, removing themselves from further involvement. Those elves that stayed behind agreed to live under the rule of the humans.

This peace was soon shattered by the arrival of marauding orc hordes from the lands far to the west. At first, the orc numbers were small and they were easily defeated and enslaved by the inhabitants of the realm. As their numbers grew, however, the orcs became a more serious threat. The humans, galvanized by the growing threat to the stability of their realm, formed an alliance with the dwarves and defeated the orc armies. The remaining orcs were allowed to remain, under the nominal rule of the humans.

Ancient Anguish is currently in a state of political flux. After nearly a thousand years of rule, the humans have grown complacent. Their king is old and now rules large areas of the realm in name only. The wisest of the human sages look warily to the east, wondering what became of the land the humans left behind long ago. The orcs have grown in number and have formed camps and towns of their own, sending out raiding parties to nearby regions. Talk among the orcs frequently turns to attempts to reestablish contact with their brothers to the west. The elves are growing restless with an urge to reclaim their ancient homelands and grow weary of orc attacks and the failure of the humans to control the orc population. The dwarves remain mysteriously silent, causing uneasiness in the other races.

It is in this world that the brave adventurer must make their way. The wars of the last thousand years have left large areas of Ancient Anguish unexplored and have destroyed many of the historical records. New areas and historical facts are constantly being discovered by exploring adventurers, adding to our understanding of the realm. Magical forces are strong in this land, and many explorers use these powers as they make their mark, for good or evil, upon the world. Armors and weapons of a medieval nature are available for those with the gold or the bravery to acquire them. Whether you decide to make a name as a great hero, or quietly explore the realm, or some combination of both, you will surely find a place in this world.