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Name: Kyron
Gender: Male
Race: Elf

City of Tantallon

Tantallon is a bustling city where many adventurers begin their careers. Located centrally on the eastern coast on the continent of Anguish, Tantallon features the major harbour of the continent providing it with strong trade opportunities. At the heart of Tantallon lies the major crossroads, this location serves as a place for people to meet, and for travelers to stop and get their bearings. Main highways lead to the north, west, and south from the Tantallon crossroads, leading to other important locations.

As the largest city on the continent, Tantallon has a number of professional opportunities available and places to visit. Within the walls of Tantallon you can find:
  • Decker's Equipment Shop, where adventurers buy and sell equipment.
  • Hanza's Map Shop, featuring many maps of the realm.
  • Maigyn's Magic Shop, specializing in magical adventuring tools.
  • Myrtae's Armoury, where a large selection of armour can be bought and sold.
  • Salty John's Bait and Tackle sells all manner of fishing equipment.
  • The Body Shop, where cosmetic features can be changed on your character.
  • The Brawling Arena, where gladiators fight worthy opponents.
  • The Commodity Exchange, a place where adventurers can find employment.
  • The Golden Ducat Pub, which serves drink to the meek and mighty alike.
  • The halls for the Adventurer, Cleric, Fighter, Mage, and Rogue classes.
  • The city Auctioneer, where auctions are held for valuable equipment.
  • The Wharf, from which boats regularly arrive and depart from.
  • Trough's Training Academy, where adventurers go to learn the art of brawling.
  • Willim's Smithy, offering free starting equipment to beginning players.
  • ... Visit Tantallon to find out more!
The city of Tantallon is a safe haven for all peoples of all races. Adventurers would not dare attack others within its walls, and the Tourism Council insists that there is absolutely no crime within the city limits.

Tantallon is the primary starting location for all players.