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Name: Samulayo
Gender: Male
Race: Half-elf

City of Nepeth

In the years 485-487 the great Orc-war was fought. It is also known as the War of Faith. The war lasted for nearly 3 years. Hordes of orcs came in from the southwest and the west. Humans from all over the Realm gathered in Nepeth and the castle. An army was equipped by King Arnog, Drin's father. Arnog himself died from the wound of a stray arrow mere months before the war ended, leaving Drin in charge of the troops in those final battles. A task King Drin was more than able to handle. It is said that in the final battle, which raged for three long days, Drin single-handedly killed close to two hundred orcs, leading his troops to a grand victory.

The Trueheart line biographies:
  • Arutha the Mighty - Born 364, died in 414. Reigned from 387-414 with his queen, Yenna. Arutha died from wounds he received during a fight with the dragon, Horg.

  • Ywin the Blind - Born 382, died in 447. Reigned from 414-440 with his queen, Michaela the Good. Ywin left the throne to his son, Tim, seven years before his death. Ywin retired to a temple high in the mountains. He lost his sight in a tournament in 426.

  • Michaela the Good - Born 379, died in 401. Died giving birth to Tim the Happy. Yet another sad chapter in the more or less cursed life of Ywin the Blind.

  • Tim the Happy - Born 401, died in 478. Reigned from 440-476 with his queen, Aaida Featherfoot. Tim left the throne to his son, Arnog, two years before his death due to weak health. Tim died peacefully in his bed.

  • Aaida Featherfoot - Born circa 350, died in 492. Aaida lived for so long, because she was a half-elf who possessed great healing powers.

  • Arnog the Fierce - Born 433, died in 487. Reigned from 476-487 with his queen, Unaqia. Arnog was slain in the last Orc War.

  • Unaqia - Born 433, died in 489. The grief over her husband's death drove her to an early grave.

  • Drin the Kind - Born 452. Reigned from 487 to present with his queen, Alisha.

  • Queen Alisha - Born 459. Married to King Drin.

  • Prince Gilbert - Heir apparent to the throne.
The castle and city of Nepeth has many features to interest the adventurer. Within the walls of Nepeth you can find:
  • A Blacksmith, who sells finely crafted weapons.
  • A Feast Hall, featuring many varieties of food.
  • A Potion Seller, where adventurers buy powerful potions.
  • A Training Arena, specializing in beginner combat.
  • An Equipment Shop, where items of all manner are bought and sold.
  • ... Visit Nepeth to find out more!
Nepeth is located just northwest of Tantallon.