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The City of Balan

To the west of Tantallon, the main village of Ancient Anguish, lies the city of Balan.

The Founding of Balan

Balan was founded long ago, by an alliance of people who fled from the wars between the Humans and the Elves. They found a rather secluded area, behind a mountain, and settled there. Peace reigned in Balan, and the population grew, as more and more refugees fled the war and came to live in the city of Balan.

However, this period of initial peace did not last long. The other powers in the world of Ancient Anguish soon discovered Balan, and they plundered the city, burning it to the ground. The citizens of Balan despised violence, and being the pacifist farmers they were, had no means to defend themselves.

The Resettlement of Balan

One of the survivors, named Kor,declared himself King of Balan. He argued, that Balan would need a powerful military. Not to attack, but to defend the city against any possible aggressors.

Most of the survivors flocked to his banner, and soon, the New Balan rose from the ashes. The New Balan was well fortified, and hardy guards protected the city from Elven raiding parties. The people of Balan were thus able to continue their peaceful existance, not bothered by the aggression of the world outside.

Kor was indeed elected King of Balan, and he established the House of Balan-Kor. Because Balan is a democracy, a new King is elected when a King dies. But to this day, the House of Balan-Kor still rules Balan.

Balan in the present

Presently, Balan has managed to survive and withstand military and political pressure from their mightier and less enlightened neighbours: the Elves to the South, and Drin Trueheart to the North.

Balan still maintains its rigid security force, and throughout the city, guards can be seen patrolling the city. Crime is not tolerated, and anyone who attacks a citizen of Balan is relentlessly prosecuted.

Visitors to Balan should not miss the famous pub, 'In denUitgerocheldenBiefstuck'.

Albalachalabal, the current King, elected 30 years ago, is the present ruler of Balan. He can trace his lineage straight back to Kor. He maintains a strict but benevolent rule over Balan and its surroundings.

Recently, a fierce monster has taken residence in the caves of the mountains East of Balan. The Balan security forces, trained for defending the city, finds itself ill-equipped to deal with this new menace to the peace in the city of Balan. King Albalachalabal has issued a call for brave adventurers to confront the monster.

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