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Ancient Anguish is a fantasy-themed game and community - a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD).

Ancient Anguish is an open ended text-based game. After you create a persona, you will be able to explore our rich, immersive world, join one of many different fantasy professions and guild associations and seek out your fame and fortune. You can also relax and socialize with dozens of other players, enjoy a bit of poker, chess, boggle, and a number of other group activities.

Ancient Anguish is completely free. It was established in February of 1992 and has been steadily growing since. It is run by a team of volunteer administrators who service the needs of its players and constantly create new content for the game.

So if you haven't played a MUD before, you're probably wondering what we meant earlier by 'text-based'. Ancient Anguish is different from many other games in that there are no graphics. All the happenings in the game are communicated to you by words, and words only. You control your persona not by clicking on things on a screen but typing in actions to perform.

Sounds a bit strange? Don't worry, that's what everyone thinks until they try it. Before you know it, you'll be hooked! Ancient Anguish is a world that drives and is in turn driven by the imagination, a world that allows more freedom of expression than any fancy graphical game can give you. This isn't the sort of game that you can play and 'win' in a week. The depth of the world keeps you here for years at a time.

Best of all, since the game is all text, it looks like you're doing work while you're playing it!

Interested in checking it out? Continue to the main Ancient Anguish website to learn more! We look forward to welcoming you to our community.